We offer a wide range of hair removal options, including waxing, electrolysis and IPL, at Shapers Beauty Salon we have something for everyone.


Full Leg £25.50
Full leg and bikini £35.50
Three quarter leg £20.50
Half leg £19.00
Full arm £22.00
Forearm £16.50
Underarm £9.75
Bikini £16.50
Extended bikini from £19.00
Lip and Chin £14.00
Lip, chin, brows from £9.50
Female Back £16.50
Stomach Line £9.75
Intimate Waxing please see HOT WAX HEADING


Electrolysis is a method of permanent hair removal with amazing results. Safe, reliable and gentle, electrolysis hair removal can be used to target hairs on the face, including the lip, chin and other small areas such as the underarm and nipple area. This is the only permanent form of hair removal on the market to date that is suitable for all skin and hair types, including red, white, grey, or brown/black hairs as it directly targets the source of growth.

By using a tiny, disposable, and sterile probe a direct current is delivered into the hair follicle, which overtime will permanently destroy, both active and dormant hairs within the follicle. Meaning that the hair follicle can no longer produce any other hairs after this phase. Because of this, hair growth will become thinner and finer, and eventually will stop growing.

If there is a hormonal imbalance causing this hair growth, it may take longer, but it is still feasible.

We cater for ladies superfluous facial hair and have lots of experience with the transgender journey, with over 25 years experience.

We use the Apilus system,  a complete computerised electrolysis system. The unique speed and delivery technique of this machine combined to ensure that the electrolysis is as comfortable as possible. The creators of Apilus designed an innovative computer assisted system that concentrates and controls the extent of destruction in the hair follicle, targeting only the germinative cells and this protecting the skin and preventing new hair growth.



Up to 15 minutes £22.00
30 minutes £31.50
45 minutes £41.00
60 minutes £51.00

Post Depilation Concentrate

A hair retardant applied to the skin after waxing to slow down the regrowth of your hair. 

Home use product available - ask your therapist for details

From £3.50 per area

Female Intimate Waxing

Brazilian: Hair is removed from pubic area leaving a strip up and over the pubic mound.

Hollywood: Hair is removed from the pubic & anal area.

Playboy: Hair is removed from the pubic, buttock & anal area leaving a pencil wide strip of hair over the pubic mound.

Brazilian - £24.00
Hollywood - £31.00
Playboy - £28.50

IPL - Intense Pulse Light Hair Removal

Shaving, waxing, tweezing and hair removal creams have been replaced by hair removal in a flash. Ellipse uses short, safe bursts of light emitted from a flash-lamp to remove unwanted hair from all body sites in minutes.

The Ellipse operator guides the light from the flash-lamp to the treatment area. The unique Ellispse IPL system carefuly fliters this light in two ways to ensure that only light with the correct characteristics (wavelengths) is allowed to reach your skin.

Hair contains pigment (melanin) that absorbs the light and converts it into heat. The hair transmits this heat into the hair follicle, which is then destroyed and rendured unable to produce a new hair.

As the treatment relies on absorption of light in the hair pigment (melanin), the most effectient treatment is seen with dark hair. The lighter the skin, the more pronounced the distinction between hair and skin colour, making treatment easier, However, Ellipse has pre-programmed settings for different hair and skin colour to adjust the energy output to your needs.

It is important not to remove hair by plucking, tweezing, waxing or use of creams during the entire four weeks before treatment. This ensures that as many hair follicles as possible contain a hair and thus can be destroyed by the light.

Since tanning takes place by accumulation of pigment (melanin) in the skin, it is also important to avoid tanning (sun, solarium or self-tanning cream) before and during the treatment period. Otherwise your tanned skin will absorb more light, which makes treatment less effective.

Generally, no post-treatment care is necessary. But people with very sensative skin may benefit from using a soothing cream for a few days after treatment. It is also recommended to limit sun exposure and to use sunscreen (minimum spf 30) for a few weeks following treatment.

Hair growth is cyclical, as hair follicles go through resting and growing phases, Only follicles in the growth phase contain hair and are destroyed by the heat. Resting hair follicles need to enter the growth phase before they can be effectively destroyed by the Ellipse treatment. Thats why it is necessary to repeat the treatment at intervals until all hair follicles have been through the growth phase.

The length and timing of the growth cycles are affected by numerous factors such as body site, hair density, thickness, ethnic origin, hormonal status and age, Clinical studies have confirmed that at least 3-6 treatments are needed, and the intervals between treatments are typically 1-3 months.

A patch test is required for this treatment, the cost is £20.00 this is redeamable against further treatments

A Course of six treatments is available pay for five and get one FREE

Upper Lip - £70.00
Chin/Jawline/Cheeks - £75.00
Lip & Chin - £115.00
Chin & Jawline - £125.00
Hairline - £85.00
Centre Brow - £40.00
Neck - £100.00
Full Face Excl Neck - £220.00
Full Face Incl Neck - £260.00
Hands & fingers £50.00
Underarms £95.00
1/2 Arms £150.00
3/4 Arms £180.00
Full Arms £200.00
Areola £80.00
Full Breast £100.00
Stomach Centre Line £80.00
1/4 Back £150.00
1/2 Back £200.00
Regular Bikini £120.00
Extended Bikini £150.00
Brazillian £170.00
Playboy £180.00
Hollywood £195.00
Feet & Toes £50.00
Knees £50.00
Lower Legs Excl Knees £200.00
Lower Legs Incl Knees £230.00
Thighs Excl Knees £240.00
Thighs Incl Knees £270.00
Full Legs Excl feet/toes £395.00
Centre Buttocks £60.00
Buttocks incl Cheeks £170.00