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Discover the effectiveness of Collin products and choose which ones are best suited to preserving your youth and combating ageing with one our of experienced beauty therapists.

Whatever your wishes and concerns a line of treatment products suited to your needs exists for each skin problem.

Katherine Daniels

A skin care brand that takes full advantage of the latest techniques for combining highly technical ingredients to give you the very best anti-ageing results, offering you undeniable effectiveness from the very first application. 


Gelish Soak -Off Gel polish applies like polish and cures in 30 seconds. Gelish stays on for up to 3 weeks with no chipping or peeling, and soaks completely off in only 15 minutes.


No one understands nail and handcare quite as well as Nailtiques. All products contain a unique combination of natural proteins and conditioners which promote healthy nail growth and take the hard work out of caring for your nails and hands. The real beauty of Nailtiques is that there are quick and simple to use products for everyone. Whether you have peeling nails or brittle nails or just want a maintenance programme Nailtiques has a treatment to suit you.

Jane Iredale

A mineral makeup brand started over 20 years ago and one of the first of its kind. A makeup brand that has skincare benefits, not only easy to apply with flawless & long lasting coverage its also good your complexion. These products are also supported by the Skin Cancer Foundation.  

Advanced Nutritional Supplements 

The process of ageing starts from within, so feeding skin with the right nutrients from the inside is just as important as what you apply topically, vast range of supplements available, ask your therapist for details 

Please Note:

1. Collin homecare products are available only from Appointed Salon and Spa Stockists. 2. Collin homecare products should only be purchased after you have had your skin analysed and specific, suitable products, prescribed for your home use by your qualified Collin Therapist. 3. Skin analysis should be repeated at least 2 or 3 times per year, to be accurate and up to date. 4. We do recommend that you continue your salon treatment along with the regular and continued use of Collin homecare as prescribed by your Collin Therapist. 5. We do not recommend any use of any of the Collin homecare products without a current and up to date skin consultation and prescription by your Collin Appointed Therapist. In fact, no warranties or guarantees for skin type or product suitability are given for Collin homecare products without a current Collin homecare prescription from your Collin Therapist. We will not sell Collin homecare products without such a consultation. 6. Our skin analysis and consultation are FREE. Please phone for an appointment or ask for your "Collin Homecare Prescription" at your next salon visit. This way you can be sure that your skin is receiving the most appropriate and best care, in between your salon visits.